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iPhone Ekranında Kağıtla Yaratılan Eğlenceli İllüstrasyonlar

Anshuman Ghosh, çizimlerine çerçeve olarak iPhone ekranını kullanırken, büyük resmin bir parçasını mutlaka dışarıda bırakıyor.

Johannesburglu sanatçı, Anshuman Ghosh’un kağıt üzerine yaptığı illüstrasyonlarının en büyük tamamlayıcısı iPhone ekranı. Ghosh’un Phone framing olarak bahsettiği bu teknikte kağıda yapılan resim kesilerek iPhone ile çerçeveleniyor.

Ghosh, iPhone’unu hazırladığı illüstrasyonun ana çerçevesi olarak kullanırken, kağıt üzerine yaptığı, resimle bağlantılı ve onun tamamlayıcısı olan diğer çizimleri ise çerçevenin, yani iPhone’un dışında bırakıyor ve böylece ortaya eğlenceli kompozisyonlar çıkıyor.

Hello everyone! For me, this is probably the best way to tackle Hump Day - some delicious @ballantinessa whisky on the rocks... A lot of rocks 😂😊👍. I can already smell the weekend! PS: Alcohol affects cognitive ability so please don't drink and drive (or even walk for that matter). Drink responsibly. Do the right thing and call a cab! [SPONSORED POST] #staytrue #ballantinessa #ballantines #artwork #arts_gallery
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Sanatçı fon rengine kadar büyük özenle hazırlayıp çektiği fotoğrafları ise Instagram hesabından paylaşıyor. Ghosh’un işleriyle ilgili açıklaması şöyle: “Amacım, gerçek ve gerçek olmayan arasında bir füzyon yaratmaktı. Telefonu da kareye dahil etmem bana izleyiciyi kandırıp, telefonun olduğundan daha fazla olduğuna inandırmamı sağladı.”

Hi there everyone, The last couple of days have been crazy and overwhelming all thanks to @instagram 😊. I have read through all the lovely comments left by friends (old and new) and I promise that in time, I will respond to all of you 😊. Thank you so much for being part of this journey and to all my new Instagram friends, I hope I'm able to give you a sneak peek into all the crazy things that go on inside my head 😂. So.... I'm making some scrambled eggs. Who wants some 😂? #artwork #arts_gallery #butwhataboutbreakfast
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Hi there everyone! In this digital world that surrounds us, one may think that paper has become irrelevant and obsolete. But has it? I don't think so. Paper to me still holds a very special place and one that no amount of digitisation can replace. Words which are nothing more than a combination of 0s and 1s on a computer screen transform into something concrete and permanent when printed on a piece of paper - to be read and cherished over the years. That is the power of paper. Come along with me as I explore the beautiful world of paper along with PaperOne(@paperoneglobal) [SPONSORED POST] #morethanjustpaper #artwork #arts_gallery PS: in case you were wondering, I'm officially back on Instagram 😁😁😁! After what I can only describe as a sabbatical that went on for too long, you will see a lot more Moography on your Instagram feed 😂.
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A toast to the New Year 😂! As this year comes to an end, I thought I should settle the eternal "How Does A Toaster Even Work?" debate once and for all. You are welcome 😂😂😂. #artwork #arts_gallery #appliance #toaster
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Can you guess what song this is? UPDATE: "Scream" by Michael Jackson ft. Janet Jackson ---------------------------------------------------------- Hi there everyone! It's time for this week's edition of #minimalmusicpictionary and for this one, I have featured a collaboration by one of the most famous brother-sister combos ever... Every week, I post artwork depicting songs from my @applemusic playlist and all you need to do is guess what song it is by commenting on the photo. I will update the caption of the post with the correct answer later on. So please play along, tag your friends and just have fun! Happy guessing! #iphoneography #artwork #arts_gallery
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