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Kurşun Geçirmez Bebek Arabası

Kurşun Geçirmez Bebek Arabası

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A must for mobile baby protection, the Heavy weight bulllet proof stroller provides 100% protection against all modern ballistics including Armor Piercing rounds. It’s heavy enough to maintain stability even under a heavy barrage, and yet has light steering enabling the stroller to turn on a dime if required. For the smart urban baby.. this stroller is the ultimate in style, comfort and extreme combat protection.


– Front swivel wheels.
– Shopping basket. Keep your baby and your groceries safe.
– Adjustable leg rest. The stroller grows with your baby.
– Suitable from Birth.
– Soft seat fabric.
– Waterproof lined, detachable hood.
– Multi lie-back position (does not lie flat).
– Plastic grip handles
– Lightweight, umbrella fold stroller.
– The seat is fitted with a 5-point harness to ensure the safety and security of your child.
– Linked brakes for safety.
– Comes complete with instructions.
– Weighs 15lb.