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Apple Tek Bir Amaçla Instagram'a Katıldı

Apple, iPhone ile çekilen en iyi fotoğrafları Instagram hesabında paylaşacak ve iPhone fotoğrafçılığını şiirsel bir dille anlatacak.

Apple tek bir amaçla, dün Instagram'a katıldı. Çoğu markanın yaptığı gibi yeni ürünleri tanıtmak, duyurular yapmak, etkileşim alacak kampanyalar hazırlamak ise Apple'ın Instagram hesabında yapmayacağı başlıca şeyler arasında yer alıyor. Hesabın açıklaması da her şeyi anlatıyor; "Welcome to @apple. Tag #ShotoniPhone to take part." (Apple'a hoş geldiniz. Bir parçası olmak için #ShotoniPhone etiketini kullanın.)

Apple, hesabın açılışını iPhone ile fotoğraf çeken 38 sanatçıyı öne çıkararak yaptı. 9'lu ızgara şeklinde hazırlanan içeriklerin tamamı kolaj ve video özelliklerini kullanıyor. Her sanatçı kendi hikayesini ve ne yaptığını anlatırken Instagram hesabının görsel dili de marka kimliğiyle bire bir örtüşüyor.

Her yıl iPhone ile 1 trilyon fotoğraf çekilirken Apple, ister amatör olsun ister profesyonel bu hesapta çekilen en iyi fotoğraflar yer alacak ve insanların mobil fotoğrafçılık konusunda daha iyi işler ortaya çıkarması için motivasyon verecek.

Minik not, @apple hesabının hikayelerine de mutlaka göz atın, 5 saat sonra (yaklaşık 16:00'da) silinecekler.

A look through the lens of iPhone users around the world. Tag #ShotoniPhone to take part. - Words and images by @koci, @itsreuben, @danilo, @_xst, @subwayhands, @marcelonava, @brockdavis, @lanadeathray, @thesdcowgirl, @inomad, @_yaisyusman_, @dawn_denfeld, @pauloctavious, @jeremysnell, @laurazazanis, @ryanpernofski, @abstractconformity, @mirafilm, @joez19, @daniil, @oli_op, @fotombo, @j9ryl, @tertiusalio, @maggiefortsonphoto, @trevorpaulhus, @rodrigomartinezfotos, @louiegraphy, @vmiura, @lfleischer, @vasjenkatro, @stevenxuex, @ianteraoka, @easonhsiung, @omidscheybani, @tamon_, @jaywilliamsphotography, @holephoto, @bigheadtaco, @mamacaxx, @aconica, @joshuakissi
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#ShotoniPhone by… - 1. Fabien B. @fabienbaron “These photographs are my personal mood board. This is what I see and like.” - 2. Jess R. @jessronagrooming “If I could choose only one type of dog to groom for the rest of my life what would it be? Oh my gosh. A poodle!” - 3. Josh N. @bellpayphoneproject “This is street furniture that’s been around for almost a century and it will be gone soon. Gone forever… and I’ll be telling my grandkids about this nerdy project where I took pictures of phones with a telephone.” - 4. Brock D. @brockdavis “I’ve created so many things just to make my kids laugh at breakfast time.” - 5. Olivier C. @oli_op “I am drawn to things that look mundane at first, but then become magical because you’ve changed one factor - the speed at which you see it."
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#ShotoniPhone by… - 1. Mirabai M. @mirafilm “Beekeeping is incredibly addictive. Once you start, it’s very hard to stop. I think I’ll probably be a beekeeper for the rest of my life.” - 2. Jeremy S. @jeremysnell “I do show people the photos I take of them. A lot of these people have never really had their picture taken before, so this is really special to them. I think it opens people up in a new way, when they are able to see themselves in an image.” - 3. Daniil S. @daniil “I want to show the backstage - we’re surrounded by so much beauty that we take for granted. For us it’s so common. We don’t see the beauty anymore.” - 4. Marcelo N. @marcelonava “I like to walk, exploring a city, knowing every little space within the world.” - 5. Dave S. @davesandford “An adrenaline rush? Quite the opposite actually. I find swimming with sharks to be very peaceful.”
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#ShotoniPhone by… - 1. Maurice H. @bloomandplume “If people like photos of flowers and people like photos of me, why not just put the two together?” - 2. RJ P. @rockadeezy “The landing is the hard part. If I really want to be horizontal I land on all fours. Like a cat. But if the ground’s too hot, or it’s hard terrain I’ll land on my feet.” - 3. Jeryl T. @j9ryl “Just because I’m colorblind doesn’t make photography a guessing game. There’s always a direction I want to go. A mood I want to create.” - 4. Britainy W. @lanadeathray “Owls are kinda like the ninjas of the bird world. Like, that mouse never saw it coming.” - 5. Koci H. @koci “I can walk outside, tap a piece of glass, and suddenly I’ve captured something. With another tap, I can share it with the entire world. If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is.”
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#ShotoniPhone by… - 1. Paul O. @pauloctavious “I’ve just always been attracted to rainbows. It’s like magic. But now that I know how rainbows are made, it’s like I’m performing my own magic.” - 2. Tyrone P. @robotfaced “I’ve actually found two or three, or let’s say two and a half, species of chameleons that are not officially known to science. You can’t look in a text book or a field guide and find these animals. There’s simply not enough known about them.” - 3. Jirasak P @joez19 “I live in a small town and own a small trucking fleet in Thailand. I am not a professional photographer.” - 4. Jenn Z. @thesdcowgirl “I feel claustrophobic when I go to the city now. You get so used to being able to see for miles. I call it cowgirl church.” - 5. Yais Y. @_yaisyusman_ “I call the series The Hanging Collection. It's simply creating an illusion of a person hanging.”
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#ShotoniPhone by… - 1. Ryan P. @ryanpernofski "I think it’s normal to have fears of a monster that swims around. But I guess the percentage of getting eaten by a shark is so small. I think if it happens, as long as I get a photo of it, I’ll be OK.” - 2. Caitlin R. & Derek E. @itsmoosethepug “We are really big pug fans.” - 3. Reuben W. @itsreuben “I just like to have a feeling of discovering something new, even though I’m not actually discovering something new. Everything has been discovered now.” - 4. Noora A. @nooora91 “I love the view of a model going forward. It gives me a sense of strength in going forward fearlessly.” - 5. Hannah R. @subwayhands "The subway is a funny place. You’re on it every day, but always with different people. So there’s this weird familiarity and also a little bit of guardedness.”
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#ShotoniPhone by… - 1. Dawn D. @dawn_denfeld “When I was diagnosed with degenerative spinal arthritis, I needed to find a hobby that didn't require a lot of walking. Now, I love to capture water drop refractions and reflections on flowers, dandelions, and cobwebs that I gather from my garden.” - 2. Chinami M. @1000wave “My grandmother is constantly laughing whenever we shoot photos and I always enjoy seeing her smile. I’m just a greedy grandchild, hoping to squeeze as many smiles as I can.” - 3. Kevin R. @kevinruss “The sounds at this chapel were unlike any sounds I was hearing anywhere else. So I added sound to the photo just to have people feel what I felt.” - 4. John D. @abstractconformity "As captain of a ship, I go around the world. At times, we’ve gotten voyage instructions from the office and literally had to go get an atlas off the shelf cause we’re like, ‘Where in the world is this?’”
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#ShotoniPhone by… - 1. Shawn T. @_xst "I love it when people find out that they’re in a photo because the reaction is so beautiful. They’re like, 'Oh my God! How did you get this and when was it shot? I didn’t even see you!'” - 2. Laura I. @lauraiz “The person in all of these photos is my daughter. She is my first kid. Every little cliché about love is what I feel about Joey.” - 3. Percy O.A. @fotombo “My poetry and my photography go hand-in-hand.” - 4. Danilo L. @danilo “I’m attracted to everything experimental.” - 5. Laura Z. @laurazazanis “I had to tell my neighbors what I was doing, because now that I do this all the time, they’re gonna think that I’ve lost my mind, dropping all these crazy things into the pool everyday.”
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#ShotoniPhone by… - 1. Kathy R. @kathyryan1 “It’s the New York Times building, in the middle of Times Square. It’s not an ordinary building, but it’s one building and honestly it could keep me occupied for life.” - 2. Gregg B. @greggboydston “I work for the United States Forest Service on the Hotshot Crew. We go to wildfires and help put them out.” - 3. Michael Z. @symmetrybreakfast “Since 2013, I have been making breakfast for my husband every day.” - 4. Khasar S. @inomad “I’m lucky that what Mongolia offers, even in the 21st Century, are people and cultures that still pass on centuries of tradition to future generations.”
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