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SXSW 2015 Oturum Başlıklarıyla Yazılmış Şiir [SXSW 2015]

SXSW 2015 Oturum Başlıklarıyla Yazılmış Şiir [SXSW 2015]

1100 oturumluk geniş festival programı edebiyatın nadide formlarından birine dönüştü.

1987’den bu yana devam eden dijital inovasyon ve teknoloji alanındaki en büyük festival SXSW; her yıl Austin, Texas şehrini dev bir festival alanına dönüştürüyor. Bu yılki etkinlik programı da 1100’den fazla oturumla bilim, sağlık, teknoloji, pazarlama ve iletişim alanında zihin açıcı görüşler paylaşılıyor.

Yahoo! editörlerinden Jason O. Gilbert, tüm oturumları tarayarak eğlenceli bir şiir yazmış. Etkinliğin panoraması niteliğindeki şiir disiplinlerin nasıl kullanılabileceğine dair de değişik bir örnek oluyor.

SXSW 2015 oturum başlıklarıyla yazılan şiir;

What Keeps the Internet’s Leading CPOs Up At Night?
Why Is Spec Creative so Wrong, But Feels So Right?
Why Can’t We Be More Like Disneyland?
Being Flawsome: 5 Habits to Rock Your Brand

Changing the Human Experience with Mobile Location;
Using Consumer Goods for Cultural Transformation.
From Digital Sharecropping to Data Emancipation;
From Alien to Alien: Isolation.

Impact: Taking My Chance to Lead
German Entrepreneurship on Speed
The 21st Century Skillset: What You Need to Succeed
Sessions: Lessons from BuzzFeed

Fundraising Strategically for Long-Term Success
Does the IoT Need to Be User-Centered? We Say Yes
Moonshots and Reality: Keynote Address
The In-Stadium Fan Experience in MLS

The Future of Human-Computer Interaction
Disloyalty Marketing: Art of the One Night Stand
Participatory Cities: Inspiring Access and Action
How a Library Visit Will Differentiate Your Brand

Content First: Practical Joke or Ideal Jumpstart?
Connected Health: Being Social Helps Your Heart
Smart vs Smart-Ass: A Brief History of Smart
Humans Are Predictable: Exploit It in Eight Charts

Mobile: The Glue Between Online and Physical Retail
Acing the Sports Game with the Oculus Rift,
Your Health Startup Is Cute: Gotta Play at Scale
Company Culture: Passing Fad or Generational Shift?

The New TV Star: How to Build an Audience Online
Beyond Wearables: Future Fabrics and Fashion Design
Content Is the Starting, Not the Finish Line
Give Me Your Data, but Stay Away from Mine!

When the Glimpse Is Worth More than the Glare,
Who Wants to Be a YouTube Ad Millionaire?
VCs Investing in Retail Innovation: Why? Where?
Mentor Session: James Sinclair

Can Fandom’s Fix Tech’s Gender Gap?
CoFounders Austin by The TechMap
Driving to Retention: a Simple Roadmap
Is Social Good the Next Killer App?

Privacy in the Age of Drone Fever,
Use Computer Vision to Find Nudity Guns or Bieber;
Capitalizing on RTM with Social Data Trendology,
Decoding SXSW: Your Guide to Technology