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Beyoğlu / İstanbul

Digital Agency Manager, Sr. Social Media Manager, UX/UI Designer


Job description:

Ideal candidates should have a character with a command of details, problem solving skills, and a personality that is prone to fluent communication with people as well as numbers. The Digital Agency Executive Manager will be responsible for the planning of new and existing projects and ensuring customer and employee satisfaction with the optimum resource and work flow plan, despite constantly changing demands.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • By using ERP and Work Flow programs, making resource planning according to the workload of ongoing projects, ensuring that no project is left behind due to insufficient budget and human resources.
  • By designing detailed programs, determining a work schedule at every stage of the project, and also ensuring that work is distributed between creative teams and other departments in a way that provides efficient work flow.
  • To ensure a “balanced” distribution of work among teams and departments
  • Working compatible with all departments to instantly control and manage work schedules
  • Mastering the processes of work given to Freelance business partners and third parties, and reporting and managing work schedules, planned and actual outputs
  • Communicating with departments in order to provide information flow with all internal and external stakeholders in order to collect the status of existing projects and the details of new projects coming to the agency, and to create information and data-based offers to the customer
  • Creating a timetable for new jobs and assigning these tasks using the existing system
  • Reviewing current and future timesheets and job situations with department heads and, if necessary, people working on the jobs
  • Rescheduling projects to new or changing priorities when clients launch urgent business.
  • Report about current workflow to management
  • Working with the accounting and creative teams and departments on pricing, billing and possible additional costs due to fees or unexpected deadlines
  • Managing processes correctly for happy customers


Having a degree on Advertising, Marketing, Basic Sciences or Engineering


Having a minimum of 3 years of admin (project management, customer relations) experience in a digital agency

Personal characteristics:

  • Self-motivated,
  • Sensitive, careful and meticulous about details; organized
  • Can work under pressure, calm
  • Have an ability to think strategically
  • Perfect in human relationships
  • Prone to teamwork
  • Open to personal development
  • One step ahead with communication skills
  • Open to innovation

Applications to: [email protected]


We are looking for a Social Media Manager who can create social media strategies and produce creative contents by following trends on social media tools.

Desired Talents and Specializations

  • Being sensitive in brand relations and taking care of its communication with its brand,
  • At least 4 years of experience,
  • A good team player in coordination between teams,
  • Having the ability to direct teammates to work with,
  • Experienced in English content production and presentation,
  • Do not exclude channels such as Youtube and Tiktok from social media communication,
  • Assertive in group management and following the agenda,
  • Ability to see items such as moderation, content and project production, reporting as a whole without separating them in their job description,
  • Prioritizing the strategy in every step it takes,
  • Sensitive and careful about spelling rules,
  • Following digital campaigns closely,
  • He/She should have a good command of social media campaign mechanisms

Applications to: [email protected]



  • Graduate degree in Graphic Design, Visual Communication Design and other related departments
  • 3 years of experience as a UI / UX Designer
  • Able to present a portfolio in the fields of interface design and visual design
  • Knowing about Wireframe tools
  • Good knowledge of design programs such as Adobe CC (PS, AI, XD, After Effects), Figma and Skech
  • Continuing to improve itself on digital composition such as colour, layout, icon design, typography, image, motion graphics, digital art, conceptual idea, and “responsive” design methodologies
  • Having the ability to work within the corporate design rules
  • Preferably fluent in English
  • Preferably capable of 3D modelling
  • Energetic, curious and eager to learn
  • Has a strong design thinking
  • Being aware of their responsibilities and managing their time well
  • Able to adapt to intense working hours and flexible working hours
  • We are looking for teammates with strong communication skills to work with teams from different disciplines.


  • Creating creative and easy-to-use user interface designs, Wireframes, interactive prototypes, user flows and process flows
    Optimizing existing user interface designs
  • To follow user interface trends, techniques and technologies and to improve the existing system

Applications to: [email protected]