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Beyoğlu / İstanbul

Digital Engagement Campaigner

Job Title : Digital Engagement Campaigner
Organisation : GP Mediterranean
Department : Program
Reports to : Head of Communication

Purpose of the Job:

Digital campaigning is a major strength of Greenpeace: it helps us to drive the attention to the problems, promote the solutions we are pushing for, and inspire people to action. Email, social media, websites and mobile tools are core to our campaign work and efforts to engage our supporters as well as new audiences, to help them to win environmental campaigns.

We are looking for skilled and passionate people who are keen to develop their existing digital and campaigning skills. You will have some experience in the use of email, petitions, social media, video, mobile technologies, the use of websites, campaigning, communications and a desire to learn more.

To balance the existing mix of skills in the team, we are looking for someone with a good understanding of websites, coding skills and experience dealing with agencies and web hosting. We are also looking for someone with the skills to write a compelling emails and petitions, and we are always looking for creative campaigners who can create engaging social media content. Above all we are looking for inspiring people who want to use their skills to campaign for a better world.

Main Responsibilities:

Digital campaign design

  • Develop and implement digital campaign strategies for multiple campaign projects – mapping target audiences, developing supporter engagement journeys, delivering substantive growth in digital reach & engagement, incorporating celebrity endorsements, integrating online and offline strategies, developing communication narratives, strategies & storytelling - consistently innovating with new tools and thinking
  • Join the development of assigned campaign projects e.g. attending the campaign planning process, crafting project proposals and consultations, initiating and organising brainstorms and planning meetings, developing work breakdown plans, managing digital outputs, budgets etc
  • Designing digital plans that deliver ambitious growth of our supporter base, fundraising accomplishments and campaign victories through mobilisation


  • Manage & implement the agreed digital engagement strategy across all digital platforms, i.e. social media, website, email, SMS, online/offline project leading the creation of other platforms as needed
  • Generate and publish content on our digital platforms – this will entail writing as well as sourcing content from project team members, cross-functional staff, contractors and external agencies
  • Respond to queries and reactions on social media platforms for multiple campaign/projects, developing best practice documents and resources
  • Monitor daily news/events, identifying opportunities and strategies for intervention that help meet campaign objectives, contributing to organisational processes, and planning reactive / micro campaign outputs
  • Apply, develop and use advanced analytics and trends in social media, email and web to revise digital plans on a real time basis and again to share best practice
  • Develop, lead and implement rapid response plans on our digital platforms and across organisational teams, project leading those responses as required by the mobilisation manager
  • Explore, test and deploy other digital & social networking tools/platforms for communicating and spreading awareness about Greenpeace campaigns - pushing the boundaries of global best practice and constantly innovating
  • Define, create and grow audience segments and reach them via various channels
  • Write and code compelling campaign mailings tuned to different segments in our email list and utilize A/B testing, to maximise engagement

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Excellent written, oral and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Fluency in written and spoken Turkish and English.
  • 2+ years experience in a digital marketing or campaigning role (corporate/agency/NGO) that has involved some of
    - Content creation skills, esp. written emails and blog content, enabling you to build an amazing campaign story that excites existing supporters and attracts new people.
    - Knowledge and understanding of social media, and an ability to quickly grasp and acclimatize to new innovations.
    - Understanding of websites, HTML, CSS and an interest in improving your coding skills
    - Experience of using CRMs and CMSs, esp email campaigning or marketing tools e.g.
    - Engaging Networks Design skills such as editing images and text to create social media images or adjusting website layouts
    - Experience of working with creative agencies to produce online tools and websites, designs or videos.
    - Video production or editing skills and the use of video editing software, to create video macros and rapid turnaround news style edits
    - Analysis of data from website, email, or social media performance
  • Experience of working, or volunteering with a campaigning organisation for social change
  • Ability to effectively communicate information and ideas in written and verbal format, and build and maintain relationships
  • Ability to work as part of a team, and also on your own initiative
  • Good organizational and project management skills including the ability to manage competing priorities and work to tight deadlines on occasion.
  • Commitment to Greenpeace’s core values in response to environmental and peace issues through non-violent direct action-led campaigning in line with its mission.


Achievement Orientation
Analytical Thinking
Planning and Organizing
Teamwork and Cooperation
Concern for Order and Quality
Good taste and skill on visual design (including typography, color-psychology etc. as well as ability to use graphic design software)
Test-driven approach

Commitment to Greenpeace’s core values in response to environmental and peace issues through non-violent direct action-led campaigning in line with its Mission.

Apply: hr.gpmed@greenpeace.org by September, 8th.

Asmalı Mescit mah. İstiklal Cad. Kallavi sok. No: 1 Kat: 5 Beyoğlu / İstanbul
digital engagement campaigner